febrero 3, 2019
Canada almost saved Venezuela – until Washington crashed the party
febrero 3, 2019
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Guaido ready to negotiate, if the departure of Maduro is in the balance

  • Le Journal de Montreal
  • 2 Feb 2019

CARACAS | (AFP) – Venezuela held yesterday its blowing to a few hours of the event to the call of the president self-proclaimed Venezuela’s Juan Guaido to demand “free elections” to the head of the State socialist Nicolas Maduro.

Juan Guaido warned yesterday that it was ready to negotiations only if the departure of Nicolas Maduro was in the balance.

“We will be interested in negotiation” for the sole purpose of defining ” the terms of the end of the usurpation, which will transfer the power […] and launch a transition process leading to free elections “, wrote the leader of the venezuelan opposition in a letter addressed to the presidents of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and Uruguay, o tabaré Vazquez.


The choice of scroll today is not a trivial matter for the opposition : it is the day of anniversary of 20 years of the ” bolivarian revolution “, named after the independence hero Simon Bolivar.

This anniversary marks the inauguration on 2 February 1999, the socialist president Hugo Chavez (1999-2013), now deceased and whose claims to be Nicolas Maduro.

“We must all descend into the streets in Venezuela and in the world with a clear objective : to accompany the ultimatum that gave the members of the european Union. We are going to make the biggest market of Venezuela and of the history of our continent “, said on Thursday evening Juan Guaido, 35, who chairs the Parliament dominated by the opposition.

It considers the second term of Mr. Maduro, which began on January 10, illegitimate, because the product of fraudulent elections.

The european Parliament called on Thursday, recognizing the authority of Mr. Guaido, all the countries of the EU to do the same.

Travelers to Miami yesterday, the american vice-president Mike Pence has kept the pressure on the government of Maduro : “It is time to put an end to the dictatorship of Maduro once and for all “.

” The United States will continue to exert diplomatic pressure and economic to lead to a peaceful transition to democracy “.

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