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septiembre 27, 2020
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septiembre 27, 2020
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Venezuela launches London appeal in battle for $1 bln in gold

  • Stabroek News
  • 23 Sep 2020

LONDON, (Reuters) – The Nicolas Maduro-backed Venezuelan central bank launched a landmark appeal in London on Tuesday over $1 billion of gold reserves held in the Bank of England’s underground vaults.

The Banco Central de Venezuela (BCV) board controlled by the Maduro government is challenging a High Court ruling in July that the UK government “unequivocally” recognised opposition leader Juan Guaido as the interim president, therefore giving him control over the gold.

Lawyers representing the BCV say selling the gold, which amounts to around 15% of Venezuela’s foreign currency reserves, would fund the response to the coronavirus and bolster a health system gutted by six years of economic crisis.

Guaido’s lawyers say the bullion is his to control as the British government, along with around 60 others around the world, recognise him as leader after claims Maduro rigged Venezuela’s last presidential election two years ago.

The hearing is expected to last three days and will be the first time such a tug-of-war has been conducted in the London Court of Appeal.

BCV board solicitor Sarosh Zaiwalla said in a statement the case raises a number of issues of international law, which forbids the interference by any country in the internal affairs of another.

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